Innovation & Automation

As Innovation and automation are the key to success In this Era of Technological Supremacy. So, we always strive to find Latest techniques and means to improve our productivity and efficiency. Installation of latest IT aided equipment Like PLC software, auxiliaries like Auto Ladler, Auto Sprayer, Auto Extractor with HPDC machines and Special-Purpose Machines(SPMs) For Machining departments to minimise the human factor, is a vivid evidence of our vision towards Innovation and Automation.

Quality Improvement Programs

As mentioned in our mission statement, we are committed to Provide Top Quality Products to our Valuable customers, so we keep employing the latest techniques and methods to improve quality of our products for which we make efforts at our own and also welcome the expert opinion from our Customers who share best solutions to the problems (if any) on the basis of their vast experiences. B2B cooperation based quality improvement programs have been very helpful for us in this regard. Few of these are as follows:

  1. Vendor improvement Program (VIP-1) by Atlas Honda Limited.
  2. Standardization (of production equipment) by Atlas Honda Limited.
  3. Vendor Improvement Program & SQM (VIP-2) by Atlas Honda Limited.
  4. SMEDA-JICA (Industrial Improvement Program by JAPAN)
  5. Kaizen Activities (Aala Mayar Circles)