Our processes brings out the most reliable end products.

High quality

Parts created through die casting deliver a long service life.

High reliability

Uniformity of our mass-produced parts is exceptional.

Quick production

At Zahoor Die Casting, die cast tooling requires minimal maintenance.

Versatile design

Die casting can create virtually any size, part geometry and surface texture.

1. Ingot Smelting

It is the process of breaking down the ore, from mining, into ingots, which can be used to craft more advanced shapes and parts.

2. Spectro Analysis

At ZDC, we use the process of Spectro Analysisa to analyze the properties of matter from their electromagnetic interactions.

3. Die Casting

We use this metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure to create complex metal parts.

4. Machining

By making use of computer numerical control, we maximize the efficiency of machining through automating much of the process.

5. Buffing

Other than conventional buffing processes, we use vibratory machines along with some chemicals to grind and polish the parts.

6. Lacquer/Paint

For both protective and decorative purposes, lacquers, paints and enamels are carefully applied to all the die casting parts.

7. Sub Accessory Fitting

In addition to the raw casting and machined parts, we also provide our customers parts with sub accessory fitting.

8. Pre delivery inspection

It's a process where all the parts are thoroughly checked just before delivery, so that no faulty part is delivered to our customers.