ZDC is a family owned business which has contrived to grow into a trustworthy organization setting the pace domestically in die casting products since its establishment in 1976. Today, our factory covers 100,000 sq./ft. and is equipped with the latest technology aids in the sector. It is with our facilities and highly skilled and experienced technicians and management that we aspire to maintain the maximum quality and reliability standards in die casting operations.

Since our inception, we have successfully expanded operations in the domestic automobile industry and hope to further extend our services and expertise to cater to the international market. It is with our proactive approach, corporate culture and customer satisfaction that ZDC is recognized by all the leading institutions, autonomous bodies and prestigious private organizations in Pakistan.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be the leading HPDC auto part manufacturer in Pakistan in terms of market share and quality standards.

Mission: To strive for a level of product delivery/quality that exceeds cutomer expectations, to treat our customers/suppliers/ employees with trust and respect and to operate in a clean and safe workplace.


We have a wide range of parts made for some big brands in the market. To find more about them, visit the link below.


Our facility houses advance machines and dedicated workers to provide the customers with the parts they require for their products.


Our processes brings out the most reliable, high quality, versatile designed and great finished end product for our customers.